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If you love seeing what’s on the fashion horizon and discovering influencers, keep an eye out for the following influencers who are about to explode onto 2020’s fashion scene.

Phil Cohen

Fashion lovers might appreciate the different approach that Phil Cohen takes to displaying clothing. The visual designer never appears in any of his IG posts. Instead, he carefully layouts out clothing and accessories, including shoes, headphones, and glasses, to represent the finished look. Scrolling through Phil’s feed, you’ll see casual and smart outfits alike, and even retailers have taken heed and imitated the style.

Jeanne Damas

Every photo that Jeanne Damas posts exudes style. The French blogger has accrued 1.3 million Instagram followers who dutifully await her next photos, many of which come from her own fashion line, Rouje, which is named after her signature red lipstick. When it comes to photos, Jeanne knows how to use natural lighting, careful framing, and bare skin to grab the viewer’s eye.

Matthew Zorpas

The second male fashion influenced on our list, Matthew Zorpas, made it his goal to become a modern gentleman, and if his dapper fashion choices make it obvious, his many fashion awards certainly do. From his base in London, Zorpas started his website The Gentleman Blogger to promise his fashion photos and videos. However, that’s not all Zorpas does. He briefly took over GQ’s Instagram account as part of a promo and has even released a documentary entitled MAKE/BELIEVE about himself in late 2019. Zorpas is poised to take the global fashion world by storm in 2020.

Ada Oguntodu

If anyone loves prints more than this fashionista, we’d be shocked! Ada mixes and matches prints that would otherwise clash to astonishing success. She’s especially known for her love of blazers and jacket, which she uses when playing with silhouettes and gender presentation. No matter how much she experiments, Oguntod’s style is always tasteful. In addition to YouTube, she’s busy on Youtube and her blog Noordinaryshe.

Gabi Fresh

While the fashion world hasn’t always been inclusive, this hasn’t stopped curvy model Gabi Fresh from bringing fashion for all, which she’s accomplished with her swim and lingerie collections. Gabi also promotes mental health and social justice with her brand.