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Women have been told for years that the concept of fashion and comfort are mutually exclusive. There is an ongoing internal battle about what to wear for any occasion, no matter how formal or casual, based on which of the two spectrums takes precedence. Making things even more difficult is the modern-day lifestyle which runs at hyperspeed, requiring us to either sleep in for an extra hour or sacrifice sleep to prep stylishly for work. Fortunately, there are some time-saving tips that will let you feel comfortable, while still looking trendy.

When picking a wardrobe, stick to neutral colors that all work together. That makes it much easier to grab stuff and head out the door without thinking about it too much. And when you decide to make a trip to go clothing shopping, stick with the one or two stores you enjoy. There is no reason to search beyond the pieces that you already know you like. That being said, get a signature color to change things up occasionally. Many women insist on having at least two shift dresses in their wardrobe because of the ease of wear and effortlessness. 

Silky pajama pants are hitting the streets, blending in perfectly with workday wear. Pair them with a simple t-shirt and blazer and you will look relaxed and confident. Speaking of wearability, make sure you buy things that are machine washable. Don’t add extra errands into your week with trips to the dry cleaner.

Leggings are also starting to appear outside of the gym. No longer just loungewear, the thick, cottony versions even look like pants with added seams and detailing. They can be paired with black shoes such as long boots or ballet flats, and they look great with a long, tailored shirt or blazer. Speaking of shoes, they no longer have to be painful, either. Comfy flats are not just ballet slippers anymore. People are embracing fur-lined loafers. If flats aren’t your thing, there are many thick-heeled shoes to choose from. You won’t ever have to wear a spiky stiletto again. 

Layering is the secret that all the pros use when they want to look chic. A long scarf slung around your neck and a long sweater or coat will instantly make you look fashionable.